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What to Expect

Will I Get Rich?
Seriously??? Of course not. Taking online surveys for money is a great way to earn a little cash each month or be entered for some great prizes or rewards, but you're probably not going to get rich. The more surveys for money you take the more money you are eligible to make.

Is It Really That Simple?
In one word, YES, it really is that simple to get paid for surveys. All you have to do is enter your contact info and a few things about yourself, like your age and gender, and we'll connect you with well respected market research firms willing to provide you with surveys that pay!

Is It Free?
Yes, it's free to join! You should never have to pay a fee to take a survey. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Research companies are willing to pay you for taking the time to complete their surveys. Don't fall for the subscription based surveys for money sites or any site trying to charge you a fee to connect you with research companies.