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About NextPanel

How Does This Work?
To begin taking surveys online, complete the basic registration form on the homepage and based on the information you provide, we'll match you with market research companies trying to reach your demographic (age, gender and where you live). These free online survey companies are willing to pay you for all the surveys online that you take. Additionally, we'll send you other paying surveys in the future from companies trying to reach people like you. You can sign up to receive surveys from as many companies as you like and only need to take the surveys when you have the time. For your first free online survey, sign up today!

What’s the Catch?
There's no catch. Thousands of companies spend millions of dollars every year polling customers through paid survey sites. These companies want to know what you think about the products and services they sell and these companies want to hear from you. By sharing your opinions, you will be influencing products that come to market, as well as earning a little cash for yourself!

Who Can Do This?
Anyone 13-99 years old can typically qualify to take surveys online. All you need is access to the internet and an email address. If you're on this site, you have what it takes to start making money today!